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Battle Mages is an action game where you take control of a spellcasting mage. This mage's destiny relies on his skills to survive in an arena where mercy does not exist. Where the audience cheers only for the victors, and brave souls fight for their lives in pursuit of their freedom.

The game is very fast-paced, and dying from a single misstep is not uncommon. The controls are remnicient of older top-down action games, and you'll use your mouse to accurately place attacks and dash away from the reach of enemies.
You will be able to unlock and use a varied selection of powerful spells, as well as customize their stats with runes bought for gold.

Do you have what it takes to devastate the waves of atrocious monsters to gain your freedom?

This game was made in six weeks by a team of five game dev students.
The source code is freely available here for anyone interested.


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Hey, downloaded the releases on github and it's not clear to me how to start the game up, is there another download link somewhere?

What would be nice to see is having melee, just in case enemies get too close. Maybe a survival mode, that way you have something else to do when you beat the story mode.

is it not on windows ?

It most definitely is! We just forgot to mark it as such.

Very good game, wish it could be updated more often.

Hello SoSs NinJa, we're currently working on the game in Unity Engine. There will be a lot of new features once the game is done; such as new spells, runes and UI changes. Keep up with the changes on our Facebook Page; Ablaze Interactive (we changed our name) :-)

Glad to hear it, keep up the good work!